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Where can I see statistics on the PirateCash network?

Information about the client version, data on stacking and network complexity can be viewed on the page

Network info

How can I get PirateCash coins for free?

Currently, you can get free coins at @DonatePirateCash

History of AIR DROP

How and where to buy PirateCash?

PirateCash can exchange for BTC, DOGE, TRX on one of the exchanges or buy in the exchanger.

What is PoS mining at PirateCash?

Proof of ownership, Proof-of-stake (PoS) is a method of protection in cryptocurrencies, in which the probability of a participant forming the next block in the blockchain is proportional to the share of the settlement units of this cryptocurrency belonging to this participant of their total amount. This method is an alternative to the Proof of Work (PoW) method, in which the probability of creating the next block is higher for the owner of more powerful equipment.

How much interest can you earn per day on the PirateCash network?

There is no fixed percentage in POS mining, it all depends on a number of factors, such as: the complexity of the network, the number of coins on the wallet, the number of masternodes in the network.

Where is it profitable to store coins?

Ratio of rewards: PoS - 40% and Masternode - 60%. By default, a masternode is more profitable, but only on condition that the number of masternodes is not more than 60% of the current number of coins in the network. Depending on the balance, PoS may become more profitable, but for small balances (up to 10k PIRATE) it is better to use @piratecash_bot, and for balances over 10k PIRATE, it is more profitable to run a masternode in a bot.

Where is it safer to keep coins?

The most reliable storage is a personal wallet on a computer, but if you are afraid for your safety, then you can delegate your coins to @piratecash_bot, since this project was developed by experts in the field of network and computer security. In the near future, the team plans to release support for the Trezor and Ledger hardware wallet.

What can I spend PirateCash coins on?

The PirateCash team is working on the application of the coin and payment for services, the opportunity to exchange PIRATE for another cryptocurrency is already available, or to launch a masternode absolutely free of charge in @piratecash_bot

Does the site pay

The PirateCash project has nothing to do with this site and we strongly do not recommend using it, as well as similar names like PirateCa$h and others. Official site of the project -


How to mine a pirate?

Pirate uses PoS mining, which means it is mined with coins and in order to activate mining you need buy PirateCash coins. You can read the article in more detail. Start staking PIRATE (PoS).

How much will I mine PIRATE?

Pirate uses PoS mining, which means it is mined with coins and in order to activate mining you need PoS Calculator


PirateCash - Coin or Token?

PirateCash is a coin that has its own blockchain, which will allow you to use the maximum opportunities when your own services appear, but we have wrapped pirate tokens on Binance Smart Chain - 0x35f3fffFcb622bC9f64fA561D74e983Fd488D90c (BEP-20) and Ethereum network - 0xb990d93C308A31c737Aa91839E8bA8eAF4017D7A (ERC-20) so you can use PancakeSwap features

Why was the PirateCash token created?

At the moment, we have created PirateCash tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) and Etherium (ERC-20) blockchain.
Currently only BEP-20 is actively used, but since the addresses are the same, we plan to use ERC-20 as a backup due to expensive gas.
Tokens are created as debt in our mining pool and while your Pirates are mining new blocks, you can use and exchange them without any problems.
Tokens allow you to easily use them on our resource, as WEB3 technology will be used there.
You can always exchange PIRATE for BEP-20 by rate 1:1 in the @piratecash_bot

Where is it more profitable to store PirateCash (in @piratecash_bot or in BEP-20 tokens)?

Mining pool from PirateCash consists of coins that are in @piratecash_bot and coins from which we guarantee payment in tokens, but the pool fee is 2% less for tokens than in @piratecash_bot and therefore it is more profitable to use BEP-20 tokens.

How to exchange PirateCash for BEP-20 tokens?

You can exchange PirateCash coins for tokens and backward in @piratecash_bot.

How does staking on BEP20 tokens work?

PirateCash coins that provide a 1:1 exchange are in the mining pool and every hour you get income, provided that your address has more than 100 PIRATE minus 3% - pool fees.

Why am I not getting payouts for staking or why are my payouts not coming in all the time?

Staking accrues every hour, but payouts are only made once a day at 11:00 GMT, provided that the unpaid balance is more than 100 PIRATE.

How to check the operation of staking for tokens?

To verify the stacking, you need to send your BEP-20 address to @piratecash_bot, where you will see your accruals, payouts, balance and unpaid balance.
Now we are actively working on an update so that you can view mining statistics on in a more convenient way.

Where and how to store PirateCash tokens?

You can use any wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain BEP-20.
We tested Metamask, SafePal and TrustWallet and recommend these wallets.

How to add PirateCash token to Matamask?
How to buy a PirateCash token?

The PirateCash BEP-20 tokens can be bought on PancakeSwap . Instruction:
Buy the PirateCash tokens in Metamask

What happens if Binance Smart Chain ceases to exist?

We have two tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) and Etherium (ERC-20). If something happens, then we have a fallback - ERC-20 and since we store information at all addresses on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, and the addresses are the same i.e. one seed phrase is suitable for both networks, then we will send you your tokens on ERC-20 so that you can exchange them for PirateCash.

How is the PirateCash token secured?

The PirateCash token is backed by liquidity that any participant can add, as well as liquidity from the PirateCash Foundation. It is important to note that liquidity from the PirateCash Foundation has been locked on for over 7 years.

What is better tokens or PirateCash coins?

Tokens and coins exchange 1:1, they have the same price.
Tokens are designed for your convenience and storing PirateCash on hardware wallets. At the same time, you receive income from staking, since the coins are in the pool. A big plus of tokens is that you give coins to us in the pool and at the same time have a liquid resource in the form of tokens that can be exchanged at any time.
If you decide to invest for passive income, then tokens will be more convenient for you, and to use PirateCash services, you need PirateCash coins.

Why can't I send or exchange a PirateCash token?

The tokens are on the blockchain and each action requires some BNB coins for Binance Smart Chain or ETH for Etherium. Read the error of your wallet and it will be described in detail there.
Make sure you add exactly our token, because fake tokens can impersonate our project and this function may not work there.


How to start a masternode?

Instructions running a masternode on your own hardware.

Launch a masternode on paid hosting:

Masternode services

Logo Stack of Stacke

Staking and masternodes investment platform.

Logo Gentarium

The gentarium project provides trustless masternode deployment...

Where can I see statistics on masternodes?


What is PirateCash's Telegram bot?

The bot is designed for mobile access to PIRATE and DOGE funds, after 8 hours as PIRATE was credited to your account, the mining process takes place, even if you placed a sell order. In the bot, you can launch a masternode absolutely free of charge and receive a stable income.

What is the minimum amount to receive rewards in Bot?

For PiraMinig, you need to have at least 0.5 PIRATE on your account, if you want to participate in the referral program on Monday, you need to fulfill three conditions, which can be viewed by clicking on the "Affiliate program"

Where can I find my referral link?

You need to click on the "Affiliate Program" button and it will look like where XXXXXXX is your unique ID in the telegram network.

How much will I get for referrals?

To receive a payment on Monday, you need to fulfill the conditions of the referral program, which can be found by clicking on the "Affiliate program" button. A referral is a person who registered using your referral link and made any deposit to the PIRATE or DOGE replenishment address. The size of the payment directly depends on the referral's balance and in the near future it will be possible to calculate the profitability in the bot in the calculator.

How can I see how many referrals I have?

Referrals of the first 5 lines can be seen in the bot by clicking on the "PiraMining" button. Referral payments on Monday are used in the calculation of 100 lines in depth and after payment you will be able to see the number of your referrals.

Where can I see who invited me?

To find out who invited you, you need to click on the "Affiliate Program" button.

What is a pin code for and how to change it?

The PIN code is required to prevent access to the withdrawal of your funds from the bot and to change some security parameters. The code can be changed in the settings menu in the security section.

How fast are coins sent from the bot?

The transfer between addresses in the bot is performed instantly, if the output is made to an address not from PirateCash services, then the withdrawal time can increase in time to 3 network blocks and sometimes this can take more than 20 minutes, but no more than an hour.

How to use the exchange in the bot?

The exchange in the bot works on the principle of an exchange, which means that you can either make a deal by buying or selling at the market, or place a pending order. To do this, you need to indicate the rate, and then the volume of the transaction.

How do I change the language in the bot?

At the moment, the bot supports two languages - Russian and English, and to change the language, you need to go to the settings and select the desired language.

What is a pirate backup address for?

A backup address is required in order to return funds to you in case you lose access to your telegram account.

Where can I get the address for accepting PirateCash coins?

To get the address of replenishment of PirateCash bot, you need to click on the "Balance" button, and then click on the button with your deposit x.xxxx PIRATE, and then the button - deposit.

I sent coins from the bot and nothing happens, what should I do?

If the withdrawal was to a third-party resource, then after successful sending the bot will display the transaction number, if more than an hour has passed, write to the chat and the administrators will help you figure it out.

I sent coins from the bot and I didn’t receive the txid

The time it takes to withdraw funds from the bot may take some time. coins have to be transferred from the stacking wallet to the transaction wallet and sometimes it takes a little longer.

Why sometimes when sending coins I receive a txid, and sometimes not?

TXID is displayed only when sending outside the bot system, and when transferring locally (address from the bot), crediting is done automatically.

Tell me how to cancel a bot request?

The bot cancellation process is very simple. You must indicate from which course to which one you want to cancel and at each step a list will be displayed, which will be canceled and if it is empty, nothing will be canceled.

I lost access to my telegram account, what should I do?

To ensure that your funds are not lost, we strongly recommend that you specify a backup address in the @piratecash_bot settings. If you have lost access, then let us know in the telegram community and we will ask a few questions, after which we will initialize the system for returning the deposit to the backup address.

PirateCash Core (wallet)

How long does it take to fully sync the wallet?

Synchronization of the wallet directly depends on the speed of your Internet connection and the performance of your disk. Synchronization takes about two hours on an SSD.

Where can you download the entire PirateCash blockchain in one file?

The PirateCash team periodically takes snapshots of the blockchain, they can be downloaded by link

How much is a megabyte of PirateCash blockchain now?

As of October 16, 2021, the PirateCash blockchain size is about 900 Megabytes

How can you make money with PirateCash?

The project invites you to increase the number of your coins by using stacking or services, but you can try yourself in the role of a trader or earn money on arbitrage due to the difference in rates on different trading platforms.

How can I transfer my wallet from one computer to another?

You just need to copy the file wallet.dat

The question has passed xx hours, but there is no mining. This is fine?

You need to make sure that the lightning flashes black and the mining status will be displayed if you hover over it with the mouse. Lightning also displays the approximate time until the reward appears, but this time can be several times longer. in the mining process and its speed depends on the number of coins in the wallet and on small amounts this is very noticeable.


How can you help the project?

If you like our project and want to support it, you can send funds to Donate

Where can I get addresses for donation for the development of the project?

Donation Addresses

PirateCash PWb32EauXNUQm8rD6XFCtaaTn7vCesPDHN
Cosanta CGefSFXEjBEZA6gmXWaxNa35STfv8ZTWeR
Bitcoin 3G5fwc9PP9Lcb1y3RAYGzoQZs5enJkmdxN
Bitcoin Cash qr4f0pkvx86vv6cuae48nj83txqhwyt2fgadd9smxg
BNB 0x696Ed8f9E2b3265Abc24a6A035d6c5094f61e61B
USDT (BEP20) 0x696Ed8f9E2b3265Abc24a6A035d6c5094f61e61B
PIRATE (BEP20) 0x696Ed8f9E2b3265Abc24a6A035d6c5094f61e61B
Litecoin MNbHsci3A8u6UiqjBMMckXzfPrLjeMxdRC
DASH XcpUrR8LkohMNB9TfJaC97id6boUhRU3wk
DOGE D5PpSeZAGghckLtep1vMwxoAZaGYmx5cv6
Ethereum 0x696Ed8f9E2b3265Abc24a6A035d6c5094f61e61B
USDT (ERC-20) 0x696Ed8f9E2b3265Abc24a6A035d6c5094f61e61B
zCash t1MKoU27aZ6yQW7uBiCFqihATVhgfGiEYyz
TRX TV4wYRcDun4iHb4oUgcse4Whptk9JKVui2
USDT (TRC-20) TV4wYRcDun4iHb4oUgcse4Whptk9JKVui2