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Designer Keychain PirateCash

The PirateCash keychain is released in a limited edition of 550 pieces, including 25 with our slogan. - Sic Piarvis Magna.


The obverse features the PirateCash logo.


There are two reverse options:

- Sic Piarvis Magna

-Project Name - PirateCash.

Souvenir Coins

PirateCash from the Sic Parvis Magna series - commemorative silver and brass coins with no face value, issued by the PirateCash Foundation and dedicated to its creation in 2020.


The obverse of the coin features the PirateCash project logo in the center.


The reverse of the coin features a Ship, symbolizing freedom in the digital space, and the slogan around the edge - "Sic Parvis Magna" (Greatness from Small Beginnings).

Limited Edition

Souvenir coins from the Sic Parvis Magna series were issued with a total of 500 coins.

Optional NFT contract creation or laser engraving on the coin's edge is available.

Silver Coins

Only 10 coins with a unique NFT contract.

NFT Contract

We have "digitized" the coins, and each coin is unique, with its own separate smart contract to guarantee the authenticity of the coin.

Sic Parvis Magna Souvenir Coin

Total Edition 510 Coins
Brass Coins 500 Coins
Silver Coins 10 Coins
Production Technology Stamping
Coating Type 1 / Type 2 / Type 3

How to Order?

Ordering a souvenir is very simple, and its cost* depends on the delivery region.

  Keychain Coin Coin + Keychain
Delivery in Ukraine** 327.95 PIRATE 847.20 PIRATE 1116.39 PIRATE
Delivery in Russia** 327.95 PIRATE 847.20 PIRATE 1116.39 PIRATE
Worldwide Delivery 1311.8 PIRATE 3388.8 PIRATE 4465.56 PIRATE

You can order a PIRATE souvenir at Telegram

* The cost includes sending the specified amount to the PIRATE donation project address.

** Delivery in Ukraine and Russia is paid upon receipt according to the rates of the transport company.

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